Going the artificial route to beautiful fingernails

November 22, 1990|By Nancy Konesko

If you've already tried to grow beautiful nails the natural way to no avail, you can always try the artificial route.

Products used include artificial tips, overlays, gels and powder resins. Usually, nail tips are glued to your own nails, then an overlay product is applied and hardened. The result is a set of long, natural-looking nails.

After that, during regular visits to a nail technician, more overlay will be applied to fill in the space where your own nail grows.

In time, the overlay allows most women to grow their own nails long and strong, so that tips are used only if a nail breaks. $H Continued use of the product is necessary to keep nails long and strong.

Many technicians are enthusiastic about newer products including those of glass fiber and those that don't require a long hardening process under a heat light. They said some people who couldn't wear some of the early nail overlays may be able to wear new ones.

One nail technique is the "wrap" that involves gluing a special webbed paper-like material to your own nail. The protection can be used on all the nails, or on those prone to breakage. Several coats of liquid are applied, hardened and buffed.

It usually takes 90 minutes to two hours for initial application of a full set of acrylic or glass fiber nails. After that, maintenance visits are shorter.

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