Catalogs are available to fulfill every wish


November 22, 1990|By Los Angeles Daily News

Some of us keep track of time not by clocks or calendars but by what's in the mailbox. It's officially mail-order catalog season, and they are falling into the mail faster than leaves to the ground. From cows to nighties, the mail-order catalog is ready to fulfill your every wish.

HOLY COW: It may be the most a-moosing pattern to influence clothing since the days of flower power. Design once again borrows from nature. This time, it's the hide of cows.

Woody Jackson, a Vermont artist, has issued his Christmas 1990 Holy Cow Catalog. The favorite? The "Cowabunga Dude"

Adolescent Mootant Ninja Cattle T-shirt ($15). For more cow socks, hats, belts, earrings, ties, etc., order the catalog. The toll-free number is (800)

543-2697 (that's 543-COWS).

RIGHT TO TIE: The Lands' End Catalog includes a template that eases tie selection. You pick the shirt pattern you want to match, place the template over your tie and the tie shows through the cutout. Simple. The catalog with the template is available by calling (800) 356-4444.

MORE TO LOVE: For too many years, the lingerie available to women larger than a toothpick looked as if it came from designers with backgrounds in orthopedic fashion. Now the full-figured woman can thumb through her own version of a Frederick's of Hollywood catalog. A San Antonio firm offers Oh! Such Style, a mail-order catalog of fancy lingerie to fit the 67 percent of American women who are a size 14 or larger. Catalogs are $3 each and are available by calling (512) 490-5895.

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