Monday may be Krivak's decision day

November 21, 1990|By Mike Preston | Mike Preston,Sun Staff Correspondent

COLLEGE PARK -- University of Maryland athletic director Andy Geiger and head football coach Joe Krivak met for the second straight day yesterday and another meeting is scheduled for today, but Krivak said his status probably won't be decided until at least Monday.

Three Maryland football players said Krivak, in the fourth and final year of his contract, has called a mandatory team meeting for Monday at 4:30 p.m.

"I assume he will make the announcement then," said one of the players. "I don't know what else he could talk about."

Neither Krivak, 55, who has an 18-25-1 career record at Maryland, nor Geiger would talk about specifics of their "several hours" of a meeting yesterday.

But when asked if an announcement would come Monday, Geiger said: "That's possible. Very possible."

Krivak led Maryland to a 6-5 record this season, his first winning season and Maryland's first since 1985. Geiger, before the talks began, said the meetings would center around the school's academic standards, the football schedule, budget, philosophies and facilities, all problems that Krivak has said hampered his program the past four years.

Krivak was also expected to ask for more admissions exemptions than the 10 allowed for the football program.

Krivak seemed upbeat and optimistic yesterday about his discussion with Geiger, which Krivak called "good."

"I'm not trying to be evasive, but there are things in the decision process which I can't comment on," said Krivak.

Krivak ruled out any decision this week because, after his meeting with Geiger today, Krivak will leave for West Virginia to visit family over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Asked if he was taking time off to consider a contract offer, Krivak smiled and said: "Don't worry, you guys will be the first to know. I won't get back until Sunday night, so a decision may come Monday. I would like to get this done soon."

Members of Krivak's coaching staff had been concerned that a long-awaited decision, if the university decided to keep Krivak, would hurt recruiting. Coaches can talk to recruits beginning Dec. 1.

"Right now, we're moving right along as we always have," said Krivak. "We've got our coaches out in their designated areas. I don't think these discussions will have much of an effect."

Meanwhile, Maryland players were eagerly awaiting a decision.

"I would like a decision to be made as soon as possible," said Maryland junior wide receiver Richie Harris. "Right now there is a lot of uneasiness. I would just like to be prepared one way or another. Despite what happens, though, I'm staying."

The players seem mixed in their feelings about Krivak's return.

"It is evident that we have run out of depth at Maryland," said Terps senior linebacker Scott Whittier. "They should give him the same standards as Florida State and Clemson. We're turning players away but yet we have to line up against them when we play Penn State and Syracuse. I'm not saying let any old dummy in school. I'm saying if we are under these standards, then everybody should be under these standards.

"They should rehire him, give him the same standards, and if he doesn't go to a bowl in four years, let him go," said Whittier.

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