Try diplomacy

November 21, 1990|By Grand Forks (N D.) Herald

IT WOULD be reassuring if Bush toned down the rhetoric while he built up the armies. There may yet be a diplomatic solution to this crisis.

There have been suggestions that Iraq might be satisfied with better access to the sea, control of an uninhabited sandbar and an indemnity for Kuwait's well-documented theft of oil and its shenanigans in the oil cartels. With these conditions, Kuwait could be restored as an independent nation, perhaps with a U.N. peace-keeping force stationed there.

If such a settlement is possible, it ought to be sought. It is far more attractive than war.

Saddam may yet reject it. Then the consequences are on his shoulders. If it is not offered before thousands of lives are lost, the president will need to explain his failure as a diplomat to his people and to history.

-- Grand Forks (N.D.) Herald

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