Jobs make a poor excuse for warEach new excuse President...

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November 21, 1990

Jobs make a poor excuse for war

Each new excuse President Bush and his henchmen give for war in the Middle East seems more obscene than the last. Now we are told that the jobs of the industrialized world depend on our control of Middle Eastern oil!

What do our leaders propose to do about jobs when that oil is used up in 30 years or less?

The fact is we are not dependent on oil for jobs, or for anything else except profits for oil companies. Enormous numbers of new jobs will be created as the industrialized economy changes to alternative transportation systems, sustainable agriculture and renewable energy. The jobs argument is one more cruel con job.

Even if it were a valid argument, how many lives for how many jobs? How many scores of thousands of United States service personnel and of Arab soldiers and civilians are we willing to see slaughtered for how many jobs?

Is there no way to check our president as he impatiently jerks us onto an unbraked roller-coaster ride to war?

Eleanor Brooks Webb


We need a draft

In your editorial of Nov. 12, you express concern about the makeup of our all-volunteer armed forces. You feel that too many of them are either black or poor or both and that this group will bear the burden of the casualties in a conflict.

Color is not important in military casualties. The cumulative casualties of all our past wars were disproportionately non-black and not necessarily poor. However, I do agree with your editorial that the most important point is that in any future battle most of the casualties will be suffered by the economically disadvantaged.

The affluent of our country are all too willing to let others do the fighting while they enjoy the benefits of our free society. Until our national leaders have the courage to re-establish a universal draft we will never be able to overcome this moral dilemma.

Charles S. Wehner


No way!

Anything called "Billy Bob's" that couldn't make it in Texas is sure to go over like a lead balloon in "Bawlamer." Something is fishy!

Al McCall



Isn't it amazing how our elected officials and their cronies always seem to exempt themselves from the financial burdens they impose on the rest of us?

Case in point: R. Robert Linowes is chairman of the tax study commission created by Governor Schaefer to justify expansive increases in state taxes. Mr. Linowes is identified by The Baltimore Sun as a "zoning lawyer." One of the new taxes recommended by the commission he heads is a 5.5 percent tax on "services." Lawyers' services, however, would be exempted.

It's rather revealing, too, that in comments made to a teachers' union, Mr. Linowes stated, "You don't deserve any more money until you're prepared to show performance." I wonder why he didn't tell Governor Schaefer the same thing.

Richard T. Seymour


Dictator Bush

I cannot understand how this country for many years has fought to preserve and promote democracy throughout the world by eliminating dictatorships, while our own country now has created a dictatorship by veto. I believe it is now time for Congress to do its job to prevent this kind of dictatorship by overriding the veto. The dictatorship we now have in this country is jeopardizing thousand of lives to protect his oil interests. I would wager that if the president was not in the oil business, he would not give a hoot who invaded Kuwait.

Joseph L. Schield


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