Thanks Giving

November 21, 1990|By Barbara Sparks

Sea of parked cars

Obligatory turkey

Whole-house aroma

Oyster stuffing

Toddlers in patent leather

Cranberry sauce

Antiquated carving tools

Mashed potato clouds

Non-denominational grace

Glossy green beans

Rows of straight-back chairs

Harvard beets

Linen tablecloths

Corn pudding

Tinkling wine glasses

Candied sweet potatoes

Fussy babies

Celery sticks

Recipe swapping

Buttery hot rolls

Cousin love

Mama's corn muffins


Steaming coffee

Uncle John's cigar

Latticed apple pies

War stories

Mulled cider punch

Blowing leaves against windows

Pumpkin pie

Appealing leftovers

Salted pecans


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