Clovers Are Progressive

November 21, 1990

The Progressive Clovers 4-H Club elected officers for 1991 at its Nov. 12 meeting.

Those officers are: MaryEllen Seraydian, president; Cindy Starner, vice president; Missy Starner, recording secretary; Jessica Rodkey, corresponding secretary; Amy Miller, treasurer; Erin Seraydian, historian; Mandy Holland, recreation leader.

The meeting was called to order by out-going President Debbie Starner, with Secretary Cindy Starner and Treasurer MaryEllen Seraydian reporting. The 4-H pledge was led by Mandy Holland.

New members welcomed were Candice Hibberd, Jennifer Thompson and Dustin Wiles.

Mr. and Miss 4-H nominations are Lori Hesson, Jim Leister, Cindy Starner and Eric Wantz.

The club received a blue ribbon on its National 4-H Club Week display.

The club Christmas party will be 7:30 p.m. Dec. 10 at Baust Parish House. The committee to plan games are Debbie Starner, Chairman Dustin Derr, Amy Miller and Missy Starner. Members will donate canned food items to be given to a needy family as their Christmas service project.

Demonstrations were given by: Cindy Starner, how to make apple turkey; Amy Miller, making an ice cream sundae candle; April Wantz, making a reindeer magnet; Katie Robertson, drawing a picture using pastel crayons; Jenny Penn, making a wreath tree ornament; Erin Seraydian, making a paper wreath; Renee Leister, how to make a pine cone bird feeder; MaryEllen Seraydian, making a tote bag and Christmas coasters; Missy Starner, a horse collection; Jason Wiles painting ceramics; Michael Barnett, how to build a birdhouse; Jim Leister, how to build a bookend; Eric Wantz, raising a dairy calf; and Debbie Starner, cutting a jack-o-lantern.

A craft workshop will be given Saturday at Baust Parish House. A unit completion workshop will be Nov. 27 at the Miller's home. Unit completion is due to the leader by Dec. 5.

Information: 848-4611.

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