Queries Galore Posited For You For After Turkey


November 21, 1990|By Pat O'Malley

While you get ready to tackle that big bird tomorrow on Turkey Day, I thought I would give you a whole bunch of "Q's" with which to stuff it.

Remember, sports fans, if you have a "Q without A" for a future column, or just a plain old response or answer to what you read here today, please give me a holler on the 24-Hour Sportsline, 647-2499.

* Wasn't it a shame that after all the hard work the last three years to help get the Patriots there that Old Mill's William Beverly got to play very little in the school's first ever football playoff game because of a bum ankle?

Not only missing out on playing and contributing as the Pats lost, 17-7, to Thomas S. Wootton of Montgomery last Friday night, wasn't it also too bad that Beverly didn't get the chance to set a record for touchdowns scored in a season? The week before he had tied the record of 20 set by Arundel's Troy Turner (1985).

What good did it do Beverly's ankle to keep him jogging over to the sidelines every other play? Did that aggravate his bad wheels more?

* Where was the Old Mill High marching band at Friday night's playoff game?

* Wasn't this the "question of the season" from WNAV's Dick Shane on the broadcast of Wootton at Old Mill football game to Old Mill coach Pete Regala in the pre-game show: "Would the team be up for Severna Park next week?"

The reference was to the possibility that Old Mill might defeat Wootton and Severna Park might beat Springbrook, pitting the two county teams against one another in the state semifinals. As it turned out, both lost.

But with Severna Park having beaten Old Mill, 21-13, during the regular season and taking the county title with a 7-0 record while Old Mill won the region with 9-1, what does Dick think?

* By the way, isn't it great that WNAV 1430-AM in Annapolis does a Game of the Week even if they do pick some strange games to broadcast?

* After reeling off a litany of comparative scores to other 4A schools in trying to make a case for his North County High (played mostly a 3A schedule in its first year) being among the top one or two teams in the county, does principal Bill Wentworth have a legitimate "Q" with "Why wouldn't Severna Park play us to give them a 10th game?"

Wentworth was referring to Severna Park's nine-game schedule and his Knights' offer to fill the extra date. The North County principal said, "Only (Severna Park football coach) Andy Borland can answer that question."

* Did you lacrosse nuts know that you can meet arguably the greatest brothers combo in the history of the stick sport in the Gait brothers, Paul and Gary, this Saturday at Bacharach Rasin in Severna Park?

The former three-time Syracuse University All-Americans and members of the 1990 Canadian National Team will visit the Severna Park store from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. They will put on a lacrosse demonstration and sign autographs.

* How about veteran lacrosse coach Arlie Marshall of Chartwell being named to the Lacrosse Foundation Hall of Fame and to be inducted Feb. 9 in Towson?

Did you know that Marshall, whose name has been synonymous with club lacrosse for about 50 years, has won U.S. club championships five times, the last coming in 1984 with his Maryland Lacrosse Club?

* How many of you who played fall baseball, at any level this year, felt that it was worthwhile and will make you a better player?

* Did you know that Anne Arundel Board of Officials softball chairman Joe Cunningham has initiated a recruitment program to counteract declining participation in the profession of officiating?

George O'Leary of AABO's Curriculum Development wrote me regarding a recent Sidelines column on the shortage of umpires, a concern that the National Federation of High Schools is addressing.

"Joe has instituted a recruitment program which offers a free training course. Our program will concentrate exclusively on National Federation Rules," O'Leary wrote.

"Joe feels that making people comfortable on the playing field through rules and mechanics education, under the tutelage of respected veteran umpires, is the impetus needed to turn this problem around."

O'Leary makes a very good point when he writes, "We are seeing bad calls video replayed ad nauseam at every level this year. Bad calls should be held up as examples which influence games, but there has to be a balance."

Isn't he absolutely right?

* By the way, if you are interested in officiating high school softball in the county or knowing more about the AABO, did you know they will be conducting Sunday classes (except Super Bowl Sunday) from 1 to 5 p.m. in early January at a location to be announced?

For details call Cunningham at 255-8932, O'Leary at 551-0072 or Floyd Jacobs at 636-2096.

* Isn't the Navy Ice Hockey club team off to a great start at 3-0-1 after two more wins by 7-3 scores over Lehigh and the University of Maryland last weekend?

Navy's next home game at Dahlgren Hall on the academy grounds is set for 8 p.m. Friday, Dec. 7, against West Chester University.

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