Campbell SoupJune Page, Bear Stearns, turns thumbs up on...


November 21, 1990|By Opinions on stocks offered by investment experts. Compiled by Steve Halpen for Knight Ridder.

Campbell Soup

June Page, Bear Stearns, turns thumbs up on Campbell Soup (CPB, NYSE, around $54).

"Its products -- such as Le Menu, Swanson, V-8, Pepperidge Farm, Vlasic, Mrs. Paul's, Godiva and Prego -- tend to have the number one or two market shares . . . The company has been undergoing a major restructuring program that should significantly improve earnings, margins and return on equity. Over the next three years, the firm should sustain the highest rate of profit growth in the packaged food industry . . . . Buy."


Special Situations Report, New York, says stick with William Wrigley Jr. (WWY, NYSE, around $54).

"Wrigley's chewing-gum products command a dominant 49 percent of the total domestic gum market. Its brands are also sold in 103 countries and territories. The company is in impeccable financial condition, with an exemplary balance sheet...

The stock is not likely to rocket upward, but it should move steadily higher over the next several quarters. We look for the stock to reach the $70 level over the next two years."

Chock Full o' Nuts

Conrad Kuhn, The Kon-Lin Letter, Rocky Point, N.Y. likes Chock Full o' Nuts (CHF, NYSE, around $5).

"Chock, while well-known for its coffee, is also one of the larger marketers of tea and beverage products, as well as the number one supplier of in-the-shell peanuts in the U.S. . . . Sales for fiscal 1990 were a record $243 million; net income for the period rose from 35 cents to 42 cents a share. The stock has been in a long-term downtrend since reaching a high above 21. We look for an initial target of 7 1/2 , with an ultimate target of 15."


Argus Research, New York, says the fundamentals remain positive for Kellogg (K, NYSE, around $70).

"We are upgrading our investment opinion on Kellogg from hold to buy. . . . Kellogg recently lost some market share in the mature cereal sector, and its long history of above-average and consistent earnings gains was interrupted. However, the firm's record over the past two months indicates that a reversal of this setback is under way. We expect the company to reestablish its former growth position. We recommend purchase."

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