Dockworkers overwhelmingly back new pact Voting in other areas shows acceptance similar to Baltimore

November 21, 1990|By Jon Morgan | Jon Morgan,Evening Sun Staff

Local dockworkers, as expected, voted overwhelmingly in favor of their new national contract with employers.

In all-day balloting yesterday, members of the International Longshoremen's Association voted in favor of the contract by a margin of better than 95 percent, or 1,113 to 51 votes.

A spokesman for the union's headquarters in New York said the early results from voting at other ports indicated a similar strong acceptance of the pact and seemed to assure its ratification.

The contract, settled late last month, calls for $1 an hour raises in each of its four years, boosting wages to $22 an hour by late 1993.

It also cuts by two workers the number of employees in the basic work crew, which contains 20 members in most ports.

The pact also provides for more flexible scheduling if local port bargaining committees can agree on the specifics.

Representatives of labor and management in Baltimore are still negotiating over the terms of the local contract, which augments the national pact and concerns work rules and issues unique to the Baltimore port.

The current contact expires Nov. 30.

All of the Baltimore locals supported the pact by wide margins: Local 333, 665 to 49; Local 953, 267 to 2; Local 1355, 32 to 3; Local 921, 33 to 1; Local 1429, 116 to 9.

The contract affects about 2,500 workers in Baltimore, and about 60,000 in 36 ports from Maine to Texas.

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