Mideast policy

It's your call:

November 20, 1990

The Evening Sun asked readers if they thought the United States was doing the right thing in the Persian Gulf crisis.

Callers were nearly evenly divided on whether multinational forces should attack. Of 526 callers, 266 said yes and 260 said no. Most favored continuing economic sanctions against Iraq to force Saddam Hussein to leave Kuwait, with 329 out of 528 (62 percent) in favor; 199 said sanctions should be lifted.

A narrow majority said the United States should negotiate the release of hostages held by Saddam; 274 out of 525 (52 percent) said yes, while 252 were opposed to negotiations.

Only 30 percent (158 of 523) said multinational forces should be withdrawn from Saudi Arabia. Most callers -- 365 -- said the forces should not be withdrawn.End of story

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