Judge denies bail to slaying suspects Police have statement about Hereford shooting

November 20, 1990|By Monica Norton | Monica Norton,Evening Sun Staff Alisa Samuels contributed to this article.

It was more than obvious that Cynthia Lee Levering did not want her face to be seen.

She shielded her face with a shirt as she stepped off the truck that had taken her from the Baltimore County Women's Detention Center to Towson District Court. And she shielded her face with her shoulder-length brown hair to keep a television sketch artist from drawing her.

In fact, the only time Levering lifted her eyes and looked toward the front of the courtroom was when the judge, I. Marshall Seidler, denied her bail in connection with the murder of a Hereford man.

Levering, 28, and her boyfriend, Thomas Everett Crawford, 31, were denied bail yesterday in connection with the shooting death early Friday of Harold Leon Webb, 75.

Webb, of the 16000 block of York Road, was shot when he and his wife opened their rural home to two strangers who said their car had broken down. He died shortly after 1 a.m. Friday of multiple gunshot wounds to his side and torso.

Police said Webb and his wife, Joann, 66, had been awakened about 12:45 a.m. by two strangers who knocked on the front door and said their vehicle had broken down.

While Harold Webb stood in the foyer talking with the couple, his wife went to get a portable telephone for the visitors to use. When she returned to demonstrate how the phone worked, the male visitor got behind her and attempted to enter the house, police said.

Joann Webb struck the man with the phone and tried to stop him from entering another room, police said. He pushed her aside and ran through the house shooting at her as she gave chase, police said.

The bullets grazed her nightclothes but did not strike her, police said. While she chased the man, she heard at least three shots at the front of the house where she had left her husband, police said.

After the man fled out the back door, she returned to the foyer to find her husband shot and the woman gone.

Levering and Crawford, both of the 5100 block of Ardmore Way in Gardenville, were arrested without incident about 8 p.m. Saturday as they were about to enter a store at Frankford Avenue and Belair Road in the city, police said.

Police said they have recovered physical evidence that connected the suspects to Webb's slaying, but they declined to be specific.

According to a statement of charges, an acquaintance of Crawford called police and told them that the Gardenville man went to his home late Friday evening and admitted involvement in the slaying.

Crawford, according to the statement, told the acquaintance that "Cindy" shot Webb when it looked like the elderly man was reaching for a gun. Crawford said his girlfriend was trying to protect him, according to the statement.

Standing before Judge Seidler, Crawford said the only reason he was in court was because "someone who had a problem with me" claimed he confessed to the crime. He asked the judge to grant him some sort of bail.

Crawford also asked if he could request a line-up or a polygraph. Seidler told him to consult his attorney.

Dressed in the blue uniform issued by the women's detention center and sporting a small tattoo of a winged horse on her left forearm, Levering told the judge she was last employed eight weeks ago as a painter.

Levering answered all of the judge's questions succinctly, elaborating only when a representative from the state's attorney's office said she had failed to see her probation officer on a regular basis. Levering denied the charge. She is on probation in Baltimore on a theft charge.

Crawford, who told the judge he was employed as a drywall installer for MJ Contractors in Reisterstown, is awaiting trial in county Circuit Court on charges of assault and battery, possession of narcotics and driving while intoxicated, according to a pre-trial report.

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