Readers Write

Readers Write

November 20, 1990

PERRY: THANKS FOR THE vote of confidence

From: Marsha G. Perry

District 33 delegate

I would like to thank the voters of District 33 for their support in the Nov. 6 election.

Four years ago, when I ran for public office for the first time, I promised to devote all my energy to the concerns of our families and our communities. I promise now to continue that strong commitment.

My focus in the legislature has been on restoring and preserving our natural environment and on helping children in need.

I know you agree with me on the importance of keeping children and the environment as top legislative priorities during the next four years.

I will work and remember that you have elected me to represent your concerns. Please don't hesitate to call us when you have a need for some help with state government or have concerns that we should know about.

OBTAINING A DURABLE power of attorney

From: William F. List


The Nov. 15 issue of The Anne Arundel County Sun included an article related to the importance of individuals establishing a durable power of attorney for health care ("Pulling plug takes more than will power, lawyer says").

The article did not mention that an executable copy of such a document can be obtained by simply calling the Office of the Attorney General for Maryland at (301) 576-6300 and asking for the Attorney General's office.

A copy can also be requested by mail via the same office at 200 St. Paul Place, Baltimore, MD 21202-2021.

The material explains the purpose of the durable power of attorney.

Included is a copy of DPOA believed by the Attorney General to meet all of the legal requirements of the U.S. Supreme Court that permits an individual to define their wishes relative to continuing life when they are unable to act for themselves.

This document is presented in a "fill-in-the-blanks" form that does not require the assistance of an attorney to execute.

However, it is recommended that the executed document be notarized.

For whatever reason, the Attorney General's office does not seem to be aggressively advertising the document's availability.

I found out about it only by accident a week before scheduled surgery and was able to get a copy and have it executed just prior to entering the hospital -- that's cutting it a little close.

IS THE SUN PRICE increase worth it?

From: Stuart G. Morris


When neighboring Baltimore became a one-newspaper city in 1986, competition died also.

This was glaringly shown by the 40 percent increase in the price of The Sun on Saturday, Nov. 3, a leap worthy of gasoline suppliers.

The now defunct News American wasn't much, but perhaps it did serve to remind The Sunpapers, now a Los Angeles subsidiary, that there was a marketplace out there.

Is The Sun worth 35 cents? You be the judge.


Remember seniors

From: Arthur Contarini

Glen Burnie

I would like to urge the men and women who have been elected to political office in Anne Arundel County to remember the senior citizens of this county.

We are the homebound, living all alone on a fixed income from social security while you will be making fabulous incomes, living in fancy homes and driving good cars. We need your help, you and all those who have relatives who are old.

The county's Commission on Aging can't do it all. They, like us, are working for pennies.

I am concerned for this country of mine, when we let situations like this go on. Help us to make this country the America that it should be.

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