Help is needed for Soviet emigrants and for an AIDS study

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November 20, 1990

CURRENT volunteers' needs and news:

Jewish Vocational Service Volunteer Clearing House wants volunteers to help Soviet emigrants. Tutors, drivers and host families are needed. Russian language is not required. Contact Eunice Friedman, 466-9200, Ext. 199.

Johns Hopkins AIDS Service wants volunteers, men or women ages 18 or older, who have been diagnosed with AIDS and have T-cell counts of less than 200. It is for a two-year study of the drug Rifabutin, which fights a mycobacterial infection of the blood which is common in AIDS patients. Monthly visits are requested and $15 will be paid per visit. Call Saralyn Lichter, 955-1169. Also, the Hopkins Division of Clinical Pharmacology wants volunteers for an AZT study. Call Lynda Nerhood, 955-7703.

Save-A-Heart volunteers are holding a free community-wide Cardiac Health Happening at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 4, at the Baltimore County General Hospital in rooms 1 and 2 of the hospital's Administrative Services Building. Call 653-3131.

Governor's Office on Volunteerism wants volunteers for its CompuTeer program in which individuals who are computer experts will volunteer a few hours each week to a non-profit or government agency to help improve the computer systems in such areas as training, application development, software assistance and other support services. Call 1-974-3594 or 974-5156. Or write to Maryland CompuTeer, Room H-8, State House, Annapolis, 21401.

Church Hospital wants volunteers to escort patients to physical therapy and work on the nursing units. Also for clerical work. Call 522-8395.

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