Shared values key to family businesses Succeeding in small business

November 19, 1990|By Jane Applegate

Many manufacturers hide behind fancy advertising and glitzy packages, but two small companies with a combined history of 169 years face their customers every day by putting a family member's portrait on the label.

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Tips for family businesses

Dennis Jaffe, author of "Working With the Ones You Love," (Conari Press, $19.95), has these tips for successfully bringing new family members into your business. Jaffe, co-founder of the HeartWork Group in San Francisco, counsels business owners around the country:

* Set clear expectations about what the person will do. Don't assume anything.

* Base salary on service to the business and make it comparable to that of other employees doing the same work.

* If possible, heirs should be supervised by a non-family member who can become a mentor.

* The new person should be responsible for certain areas of the business, and performance should be regularly reviewed.

* Give siblings different areas of focus and rotate them into other jobs from time to time so they can learn all aspects of the business.

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