Honor the RobinsonsAs a lifelong Baltimore Orioles fan, I...


November 18, 1990

Honor the Robinsons

As a lifelong Baltimore Orioles fan, I believe the naming of the new stadium gives Orioles fans an opportunity to honor two individuals who have made tremendous contributions to the Orioles and the city of Baltimore. They also are the greatest players ever to have worn the Orioles uniform.

Brooks Robinson played his entire Hall of Fame career right here in Baltimore. More than just a great player, Brooks is a great person. He constantly is giving of his time and of himself to the Baltimore community. As long as he has been in Baltimore, as an athlete and as a person, he has personified the word "class."

Frank Robinson first brought the tradition of championship baseball to Baltimore. It was no coincidence that during his first year here, the Orioles won their first world championship. Frank is a tremendous competitor, a man of principle and a great supporter of our city. He has been a cornerstone of the team as player, coach and manager.

I propose that we honor these two great Orioles by naming the new stadium "Robinson Park."

Bruce I. Rothschild

Ellicott City

Likes Wood work

I am an avid listener of sports talk shows. I would like to say that in my opinion, Phil Wood is by far the best of all the hosts. He is knowledgeable on all facets and areas of sports. He gives his callers plenty of time to express their views, in contrast to his competition. He never is rude or short with his callers, also in contrast to some of his competition. He also will spend time talking to you off the air. In summary, I hope he is on the air a long time, so more people can hear and appreciate him like I do.

Larry Ottenstein


Not bowled over

I am amazed at all the bowl talk surrounding the Maryland football team every time it goes over .500. The sportswriters talk about the tough schedule Maryland plays and how it deserves a bowl bid based on that. Yet, Maryland has not beaten any of the tough teams on its schedule. The Terps have only beaten the teams they were expected to beat this season (with West Virginia and North Carolina possible exceptions). Maryland needs to concentrate on winning games before it discusses bowls that should extend invitations. The sportswriters need to come back to reality. Maryland needs a winning season before dTC bowl talk is a consideration. Starting to talk about bowls when the team is 2-0 is ridiculous.

Lee Hoffheins


Racing rip-off

I agree with Terry Winner's basic premise concerning the sorry state of Maryland thoroughbred racing.

It is a rip-off for the average bettor. The contemptible arrogance of management has carried over from the reign of the Cohens and their main stooge, Chick Lang. What other state has two convicted race-fixing jockeys now plying their trade as licensed trainers? What a joke! Is it any wonder the racing industry continues to suffer a crisis of confidence?

In closing, I ask that any fan who doubts my cynicism justify the validity of the payoff in the third-race trifecta Nov. 3: The 12th betting choice in a 14-horse field wins at odds of 100-1, followed by a 12-1 shot; the triple pays $1,700 less than the exacta! Get serious! That's why I go to Penn National and Charles Town, even though I live in Laurel.

Daniel K. Stoicheff


Dedicated to winning?

I have been watching the Mickey Tettleton situation carefully. I honestly wonder if the Baltimore Orioles front office is truly committed to winning.

During the pennant stretch of 1989, The Orioles chose to not trade for Harold Baines. This is after Baines was quoted as saying he would love to play here. Instead, they went after the "immortal" Keith Moreland. No moves were made to improve this team during last year's off-season. (Except for Joe Price, ha, ha.)

This season, they traded Phil Bradley for a stiff, Ron Kittle. Did Kittle have 3 RBI for the Orioles? I did not agree with Bradley's mouth, but I laughed heartily when general manager Roland Hemond announced that Kittle was the power hitter the Orioles needed. I feel that this acquisition was made strictly to save money. Bradley made more than $1 million, while Kittle made between $400,000-500,000.

Tettleton did not have a good year, but can you imagine the Orioles offense without his 15 homers and 51 RBI?

What is management going to say when Cal Ripken, Ben McDonald, and Gregg Olson are free agents?

I also must mention the terrible trades the Orioles have made. They got absolutely nothing for Eddie Murray. How did No. 33 do in Dodger Blue this year? I also felt they got significantly less for Mike Boddicker than they should have.

It is time for management to reward Orioles fans for their diligent support by fielding the best team they possibly can.

C'mon Eli Jacobs, open that checkbook and grab Boddicker and Mike Greenwell. Remember, it wouldn't take much to win the American League East.

Chris Meyers


Get Griffey Sr.

What is wrong with 1990 Orioles is a matter that won't be solved in this year's batch of free agents. But take a quick look down at the Mariners who filed and you'll see Ken Griffey Sr.

Mr. Hemond, don't let this "great baseball player" slip through your fingers.

It is true that he's got some miles on him; but hell, sign him for one year plus options. Even if he's only the designated hitter, he's also a profound influence on younger players. Also, you could get rid of the batting coach we have now. Griffey could double as an instructor.

Michael W. Henley

Severna Park

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