Bags of Plenty

November 18, 1990

Fewer people this Thanksgiving than last can give thanks for the food on their table. A Maryland Food committee survey of 30 Central Maryland soup kitchens found their clientele to be up one-third in a year to 18,000 people. That's not the Third World; it's Greater Baltimore.

The Bags of Plenty campaign of the Maryland Food Committee gives everyone an opportunity to help feed someone who desperately needs it. Contributing food or funds to this campaign will not save the world. It will keep a hungry Baltimorean fed a little longer. Perhaps just long enough to find a good job or send a child to school or get medical help or seek shelter.

Shopping bags were inserted in The Sun and Evening Sun last Wednesday. Cans and other non-perishable groceries put in those bags and delivered by next Saturday to a Giant food store, Provident Bank office or Baltimore City fire station will feed a family or help stock a soup kitchen by Thanksgiving.

But even for those who miss that deadline, it's never too late. The Maryland Food Committee is hoping to raise $150,000 as well. Checks made out to Bags of Plenty can be mailed to the Maryland Food Committee at P. O. Box 23709, Baltimore, MD, 21203. A little won't end poverty. It will fill an empty stomach.

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