Cuomo proposes cutting 10,000 from N.Y. payroll

November 18, 1990|By New York Times News Service

ALBANY, N.Y. -- Warning that New York state faced "no other choice," Gov. Mario M. Cuomo yesterday proposed laying off up to 10,000 state workers and other actions that would ultimately reduce the state government's work force by about 10 percent.

The governor's plan, intended to close huge budget deficits -- which have become a near-chronic affliction in Albany -- would sharply scale back services at nearly every level of state government and would inflict painful cutbacks on local governments as well.

The plan provoked a sharp debate over the reduction in state aid to New York City.

State budget officials said the city, already overwhelmed with deficits of its own, would lose at least $100 million in aid this year. City officials said the loss could total $200 million.

The city and state agreed that the plan would cost the New York City school system $75 million, and Schools Chancellor Joseph A. Fernandez said yesterday that such a move could force him to lay off thousands of teachers.

Under the proposal, most of which is subject to approval by the State Legislature, the state government would immediately cut aid to all school districts by $200 million, and reduce Medicaid and other social programs by a nearly equal amount.

In addition, almost all state employees would have to take off five days without pay over the next few months. It would be the first time in state history that workers would be ordered to take unpaid furloughs.

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