Halloween Questioned

November 18, 1990

Halloween festivities in Carroll schools have passed, but their ghoulishness has not gone unchallenged.

The mother of a William Winchester Elementary School kindergarten student asked the Board of Education to eliminate the Halloween theme in late October parties and replace it with a fall theme.

She said costumes of witches, devils and other ghouls are representative of satanic religions. The Halloween festivities, she added, gave her daughter nightmares.

Superintendent R. Edward Shilling said Carroll schools do not have a policy supporting or banning Halloween. Festivities at individual schools have largely been left to the judgment of principals.

Dorothy D. Mangle, director of elementary schools, said concerns have been raised before and the issue has been discussed by elementary school principals. She said there is some consensus that costumes and the Halloween theme are very much part of the festivities and students look forward to it.

She said there have been compromises to make the festivities more acceptable to the community.

Board president T. Edward Lippy asked Mangle to study the situation and return with a report to the board.

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