Rezoning Request Opposed

November 18, 1990

WESTMINSTER - Members of the city's Planning and Zoning Commission have recommended the City Council not approve a plan to rezone the proposed Furnace Hills II and Remview subdivisions off Uniontown Road.

The change from R-10,000 to PD-4 would have allowed the developers Martin K. P. Hill and Richard J. Maring to build town houses, duplex homes and apartments in addition to single-family dwellings.

Commission members cited inadequate facilities as the reason for denial at Wednesday evening's meeting.

Although the proposed buildings are compatible with existing development, the developers had failed to show their project would not negatively affect the roads, schools and sewer facilities in the area, said Samuel V. Greenholtz, commission member.

"The commission concludes that the applicants have failed to establish that their applications would meet all of the requisites of the PD-4 zone," he said, noting the public comments against the project at the Oct. 11 hearing.

Hill, who maintains the zoning change does not add any more homes than would have been built under the R-10,000 zone, said he will wait for the City Council's decision.

"The property will be developed," he said. "It's just a matter of playing the game."

David G. and Coni Humphrey appeared in support of the project.

Council members will have a public hearing on the matter before they make a final decision, said city planning director Thomas B. Beyard.

In other planning news, the council approved a site plan for a duplex residence at 99 N. Ralph St. provided the property is not subdivided further and there are no additions to the present building plan.

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