More Photos Of 'Mystery Girl' Found

November 18, 1990|By Peter Hermann | Peter Hermann,Staff writer

County police have found four new photographs of an unidentified girl they believe may have been physically or sexually abused.

This is the second time in five months that pornographic photos of the same girl have turned up, yet county police are baffled about her name, her condition and her whereabouts.

"There is a possibility she could have been harmed," said police spokesman Sgt. Joseph Besisi. "We are trying to find out who she is. We want to find out the circumstances behind the photographs."

The first set of pictures was found June 24 in the front yard of a Glen Burnie home. Police say the photos are explicit and indicate the girl did not consent to having them taken.

The girl is believed to be between 13 and 16. Her weight and height are not known, but it appears she has dark hair and eyes.

Police believe the girl is from the county, since the photographs were found in a residential area. They have no idea how the photographs wound up in the yard last June.

Police had been showing the girl's picture throughout the area, hoping someone might recognize her. But no one has been able to offer any clues, Besisi said.

However, on Tuesday police discovered that students at Old Mill Senior High School in Millersville were passing around several additional photographs of the girl.

Besisi said police do not know how the students got the photographs. "We interviewed them extensively," he said. "One said he got them from another student and the other student said he got them from someone else. And so far, that's how it's gone."

Besisi said the answer to the girl's identity may lie with someone in the community, such as teachers or students.

So far, a total of nine photographs have turned up, all of them color.

The prints have been trimmed by hand, indicating they were not sent to a commercial processing laboratory.

Anyone with any information should call the police department's child abuse unit at 222-3477.

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