Thank You, Voters,says Rehrmann

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November 18, 1990

From: Eileen Rehrmann

County executive-elect

Bel Air

I would like to thank the voters of Harford County for their support on election day and the hundreds of volunteers who helped make the campaign a success.

I also appreciated the opportunity and honor during the past 12 years of representing our citizens at the state and town level. I look forward to further serving the citizens as county executive.

People working together will make a difference.


From: Gerard A. Murphy

Havre de Grace

I have gone to the polls as a registered Democrat for nearly 50 years and I can honestly say that the elation I felt on hearing the election results on Wednesday morning following election day made me as glad as a child on Christmas morn.

Those incumbents who failed to be re-elected must not have believed that the Harford electorate was very sophisticated. Some members of the Harford County Council and one state delegate from District 34 consistently tried to push the Gravel Hill Rubble Fill down the throats of the nearby residents but either forgot, never learned, or chose to ignore the cardinal rule for anyone seeking elective office. That is, if you want to be elected you must support your electorate.

The councilman from District F (site of the infamous rubble fill) from the word go, voted against the wishes of his constituency and so, lost his bid for the council presidency. The reasons for his actions regarding the Gravel Hill Rubble Fill site never made sense to this correspondent. But so be it. His constituency felt otherwise and the "power of the people" was evident on Nov. 6.

The Gravel Hill rubble site, if approved at the state level, will no doubt make some individuals a lot of money. To believe that these entrepreneurs have the best interests of the residents of Gravel Hill and Harford County at heart is ludicrous. Mind you, I don't mean to imply that becoming rich is evil, provided you don't do so at the expense of others.

That would be the case should the state approve this site and it would most assuredly be at the long-term expense of hundreds of nearby residents, who have substantial lifetime investments in their homes.

Nevertheless, the voters have had their day and the new County Council along with the newly elected county executive can be assured that the citizens' coalitions are expecting government that is responsible to the people of Harford County and not the special interests, not the power structure in Annapolis and not those who are financially well situated.

We can take pride in and thank the grass-roots movement that I believe was in large measure responsible for electing what looks like a fine County Council.

Good luck and best wishes to all of them.


From: Frederick J. Hatem

Councilman, District F

Havre de Grace

The election is over and the people have spoken.

To all those who helped in many ways putting up signs, allowing signs to be posted, passing out literature, assistance in door-to-door campaigning, helping in preparing mailings, preparation and attendance at fund-raisers, financial contribution and vocal support, I express my deepest appreciation.

The positive campaign that I waged would not have been possible without this support and the support of my family.

As a lifetime resident of Harford County, I wish all the newly elected officials well in working for the best interest of all our citizens.


From: Dorothy P. Stancill


The people of Harford's District 35-A have made a choice in the race for delegate in a campaign that was long and complex.

To have lost by a mere 0.5 percent is especially hard for me, as well as all those who worked so hard for my campaign.

Now, however, we must support our elected delegates in their efforts to do their best for our county and our district.

It was unfortunate at best, and irresponsible journalism at worst, for The Harford County Sun to have used their newspaper to discredit me during the last two days of the campaign. To have printed a "Letter to the Editor" maliciously attacking me at the last minute -- without contacting me for comment or allowing my campaign to respond -- cost us many votes. We will now put all that behind us, however, and move on to more positive things.

Many wonderful volunteers spent long hours and lots of energy helping with my campaign. My appreciation for their efforts knows no bounds! I thank them all for their efforts.

During a campaign season new friends are found and old friends become even dearer. I hope we will all maintain contact and keep these relationships flourishing. Thanks again to my wonderful volunteers for their help and their belief in me and in my ability to serve our community.


From: Jo Livesay

Bel Air

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