Bad Back LackEditor: I am responding to the article in the...


November 18, 1990

Bad Back Lack

Editor: I am responding to the article in the Oct. 21 magazine "Bad Back Attack." I was shocked that under treatment options that there was no mention of the auto-trac table for relief of back pain.

This table is widely used throughout private and hospital physical therapy facilities in the Maryland area. . . . The auto-trac table consists of having the patient strapped onto a special table that moves in three different planes. As the table moves, it bends and extends the patient's back. Usually a patient has two or three treatments for 45 minutes to an hour each time. If it works, auto-traction can actually change a pathological stance. . . .

S. Levin


Why Write About Pistolsmith?

Editor: I was shocked and disgusted to see your article with pictures about guns ["A Pistolsmith of the Highest Caliber," Sept. 16]. In this age when violent crimes are on the upswing, why subject us to this? Please advise Mr. Hunter to upgrade his interests and give us something more redeeming.

Madeline Overholser Baltimore

Give Us Simplified Recipes

Editor: I believe the majority of your readers would applaud if the Sun Magazine section would include more recipes that appealed and were in the easy range of do-ability. A case in point: the Sept. 9 Sunday Gourmet. Smoke Silver Queen corn for two hours over soaked fruitwood chips! The rest of the recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups of heavy cream and 1/4 cup of butter. All this for four ears of glorious Silver Queen corn!

Also we are all rather tired of Oriental and Middle and Far Eastern food and hard-to-find items. This is 1990. Please simplify!

Sally S. Lenfestey Baltimore

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