A Residential Reincarnation


November 18, 1990|By Yolanda Garfield

The Fort Building at the corner of Fort and Light streets ha seen some changes since it was built as a post office at the turn of the century. For a while it was a bowling alley, thanks to its 100-foot length. Then it became a hardware store. Painted green and abandoned, it seemed to promise no aesthetic hope for anyone foolish enough to attempt renovation.

Today, the Fort Building has been reincarnated as an attractive, rather unusual apartment building containing three spacious units. The success of the project is due in large part to the collaborative design effort between owners Bryan Akman and Steve Wilhide, and project contractor Bill Earley, all of the Light Street Group.

These one-bedroom apartments are all very contemporary in style, with high ceilings and lofts. An outstanding feature of the building's exterior is a charming common deck/courtyard in the rear. Formerly a long, enclosed storage area, the deck/courtyard was created by the removal of the roof, pointing of brickwork and installation of lattice work.

Tenants of the Fort Building say they enjoy the feeling of living with history, yet in a contemporary setting. The ambience, they say, is urban, and exactly right.

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