From The Sun Nov. 18-24, 1840Nov. 19: Yesterday morning...


November 18, 1990|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Nov. 18-24, 1840

Nov. 19: Yesterday morning, when the good people of Baltimore forsook their couches, they found that a white mantle had been flung over the shoulders of the city while they "slumbered and slept."

Nov. 24: Mary C. Patterson, brought before Justice Pennington on charge of keeping a house of ill fame, has been held to bail for her appearance at the next term of the City Court.

From The Sun Nov. 18-24, 1890

Nov. 19: The splendid oil painting of Edwin Booth, the first of a series of portraits of distinguished sons of Harford with which the county courthouse is to be adorned, was formally received at the courthouse tonight by the citizens of Bel Air. The picture was painted by Mrs. Louis Deiterich of Baltimore.

Nov. 22: On founder's day, November 21, every boy in the McDonogh School brushes his uniform until not a speck of dirt is left on it and rubs his brass buttons to a dazzling polish.

From The Sun Nov. 18-24, 1940

Nov. 18: Dr. Raymond Pearl, Johns Hopkins University biologist known throughout the world for his studies of vital statistics of the human race, died suddenly early yesterday at Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Nov. 22: Playing an inspired game in which not a single vital mistake was made, University of Maryland won its most satisfying victory of the entire football campaign by defeating Rutgers yesterday, 14 to 7, at the Stadium.

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