Movies Sylvester Stallone, below, has returned with the...


November 17, 1990|By Lou Cedrone | Lou Cedrone,By the Evening Sun Staff

Movies Sylvester Stallone, below, has returned with the fifth in his ''Rocky'' series, and the good news is that "Rocky V" is better than the fourth chapter. The new film begins a bit slowly but builds with time and moves on to a conclusion as exciting as those in the other ''Rocky'' movies. This time out, Rocky -- his brain slightly scrambled -- wants to retire but a greedy promoter hopes to force him back into the ring. Violence, language. Rating: PG-13. ***


Linell Smith

Artist Carole Jean Bertsch has assembled a series of mixed media works into an altar-like display which recall sepulchral tributes of many Mediterranean cemeteries: Photographs of the deceased laid to rest among wreaths of plastic flowers. The 20 pieces in "Foto Fetishes," on display at Knight Gomez Gallery, use color in as many brilliant shades as a Hollywood sunset. Butterflies, flowers, cellophane, velvet, old lace and glitter help frame the icon-like images. Artist Karen Vornov displays her paintings of fragmented landscapes as well. This show runs at the gallery, 836 Leadenhall St., through Nov. 24. Hours: Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Lou Cedrone

''Back to the Future III,'' third in the sci-fi comedy-adventure series in which Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox, right) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) move backward and forward in time, may be the best of the three. The third installment is much easier to follow than the second,and it's much funnier. This time, Marty and Doc return to a small town in 1885 where McFly poses as Clint Eastwood. Language, violence. Rating: PG. ****


Steve Mckerrow

Last year the series "Paradise" brought back Dale ("Wyatt Earp") Robinson and Gene ("Bat Masterson") Barry in a couple episodes for a nostalgic reprise of their early-TV roles. Tonight, // ABC's "The Young Riders" (8 o'clock, Channel 13) goes to a similar well with a guest appearance by Pernell Roberts. Here, however, he's not Adam Cartwright, the role he played for a number of years on "Bonanza," but Hezekiah Horn, a famous writer about the changing West who meets up with the young man named Cody (someday to be called "Buffalo Bill"), played by Stephen Baldwin.


Winnie Walsh

Elegant staging and sharp, satirical portrayals created by director John Manlove highlight Towson State University's compelling production of Anton Chekhov's "The Sea Gull." Although the ending lacks dramatic tension, much of the playwright's wry humor is evident. An outstanding performance by promising young actor John Benoit. Shannon V. Hepburn, left, is fine as a fading actress. Mainstage Theatre, Towson. Tickets: $7. 830-ARTS.

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