Seabees depart from BWI

November 16, 1990

Naval reservists from all over the country have left Baltimore-Washington International Airport, destined ultimately for various Pacific bases, where they will fill in for active duty personnel who have been deployed to the Desert Shield operation in Saudi Arabia.

Navy spokesmen said the Navy called up 739 reservists, 52 of them from the Baltimore area. The reservists are part of the Reserve Naval Mobile Construction Battalion-23, otherwise known as the Seabees, headquartered at Fort Belvoir, Va.

They took off last evening for Los Angeles and will report to Port Hueneme, Calif. From there, the Navy spokesmen said, they will disperse to Guam, Okinawa, South Korea, Japan, Midway Island and Adak, Alaska.

Like their active duty counterparts, the reserve Seabees are trained for military construction projects and the repair of war damage. Their ranks include steel workers, builders, equipment operators, as well as support staff.

Last year, reserve Seabee units have helped clear the damage wrought by Hurricane Hugo in South Carolina and Puerto Rico and by the San Francisco earthquake.

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