No dumping

November 16, 1990|By Houston Post

Most of the Earth is covered by water. There seems to be so much of it that it's hard to imagine mere humans could make a difference in the vast seas. But we've been giving it the old college try.

It's time to consider the oceans aren't as limitless as previously thought. Fortunately, the world's largest industrial nations have reached agreement on a global ban on dumping industrial waste at sea and moved toward restricting marine pollution discharged on land. At a meeting of the 43 signatory nations to the London Dumping Convention, a consensus was reached to phase out dumping at sea by 1995. It is legally binding on almost all industrialized nations. The international agreement calls for dumping to stop without increasing pollution in other parts of the environment.

Nations are encouraged to promote cleaner industrial processes, recycling, treatment of waste on land and more research and development on environmentally sound means of waste disposal. These goals are to be applauded . . . the seas must not be turned into sewers.

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