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November 16, 1990

Why Hayden won

The election of Roger Hayden recently in Baltimore County brought forth a barrage of explanations and excuses for why it occurred. The media would have us believe that the results were due to reasons ranging from anti-incumbency fever to monogrammed shirts, but the concerned voters know differently.

Sixty-two percent of these voters did not wait at the polls for a half hour to 45 minutes to vote for a man because he promised to drive a Ford instead of a Lincoln or because his name was easier to pronounce than Rasmussen. The people of Baltimore County deserve to be given more credit than that, for they chose the "American way" when they decided to follow their convictions.

After years of what they considered reckless spending, uncontrolled development and political manipulation by the administration under Dennis Rasmussen, they were convinced that Roger Hayden could bring about the badly needed changes. His ability to identify with the average taxpayer, while remaining believeable in his campaign promises, persuaded Baltimore countians he would work for and with them. If there is any question as to why this was so important to the voters, I suggest that you review the numerous facts offered during the campaign, which were never printed for the public to see. Much of such information came from Baltimore County employees who were risking their jobs to campaign for Roger Hayden, while others volunteered extensive data regarding grievances during the current administration.

Whether the politicians or the media wish to admit it, the electioof Roger Hayden proved the voters wanted local government to be "of the people, by the people and for the people!"

eggy M. Miller



There are many lamebrains in all the services today. Who are they? The ones (males) who object to women being in the service. They can perform almost any job that the men do. Some even better. Although they were a long time getting the recognition they deserved, they were the WASPs in World War II. They did one helluva job. The WACs, WAVES, Lady Mariners, SPARs also performed up to par. One of the academies has a lousy reputation for its objection to women. Yet some of its male students have in recent months been in the news and have humiliated the academy. And don't forget the nurses of all branches.

Bob Crooks


Shepards' thanks

We were very pleased to have won 12 of Maryland's 23 counties in this month's gubernatorial election with a bare-bones campaign budget of $106,000 and the support of many of your readers. Without counting absentees, our 435,363 votes statewide and 40.4 percent total constitute the best Republican showing since Agnew was elected governor of Maryland in 1966.

When I began this campaign, I used to cite my experiences living behind the Iron Curtain and the necessity to establish voter choice in Maryland. Clearly the Republican Party has taken strides toward that goal. I would like to thank your readers who voted for the Shepard team for their part in that achievement.

Bill Shepard


U.S. leaders too quickly embrace war

"A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it the superficial appearance of being right." So said Thomas Paine.

Are we Americans being lulled into believing war is the final solution to the Middle East crisis? Our national leaders are using the word war too often. If we hear it, read it and think it what possible option could there be but war!

How many Americans will become casualties before we initiate the draft? It will be then and only then that Americans will take a serious look at the virtues of war.

So we have a war and we win. What next? As in every war, the aftermath involves peacetime agreements of some sort. The agreements are carefully negotiated and drafted to fit the needs of the nations involved. Then is there peace? No, for lifelong sorrow will line our hearts to remind us of the price we paid for the loved ones lost to war.

Americans cannot benefit from losing our men and women in a call for quick resolution. I ask our national leaders to consider every avenue to a peaceful settlement of this crisis. Peace through negotiation, no matter how long it takes.

Mark J. Hammert



An item in The Evening Sun's Nov. 8 "On people" section described how the Sultan of Brunei has showered his intended bride with millions of dollars in gifts, including a $5 million emerald.

Perhaps this Moslem leader, who no doubt wrings his hands in anguish over his poor, starving, camp-dwelling Palestinian brothers, would care to share some of his good fortune with them, raising their standard of living rather than blaming their plight on Israel.

David Judd


GOP coup

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