Students 'cruel, loud, uncaring,' second-grade teacher confides

November 15, 1990

Here are some comments from teachers who responded to a recent Baltimore Teachers Union survey on class sizes and classroom supplies.

Eutaw-Marshburn Elementary School, second grade: "Approximately one-third of my students are undisciplined. I must teach all life skills, sanitation, human response, sharing, etc. My children are cruel to each other, loud and uncaring about school."

Lake Clifton-Eastern High School, 10th/11th grade biology: "Scheduling and moving of students is chaotic -- getting worse with each year, no backing or support system -- HELP!"

Curtis Bay Elementary School, third grade: "Supplies: books, general supplies, bulletin board paper, A/V equipment. . . . This is my first year in [Baltimore public schools] and this lack of supplies and books is not what I had expected. I have no money to buy my own supplies."

Hilton Elementary School, fourth grade: "The building is generally dirty/roach infestation."

(School principal Elaine T. Davis says one of the school's three custodians was out for a month at the beginning of the year but is back at work now. Maintenance problems have been taken care of, she said.)

Edmondson-Westside Senior High School, 10th/11th grade history: "Please help!! I have only 42 desks and in one class I have 43 students."

Carver Vocational-Technical High School, 11th/12th grade English: "I want a transfer!"

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