Slipping credibilityWith respect to your editorial...


November 15, 1990

Slipping credibility

With respect to your editorial, "Bush's broken sword," (Nov. 7) I am impelled to ask about your reaction to Republican victories in Ohio, Michigan, Massachusetts and Minnesota. Is it possible that these victories, combined with Republican victories in the retention of the governorship of California and Illinois, are so distasteful that you prefer to avoid that which is unpleasant?

aul L. Brodsky


Why do we have to go to war with Iraq?

I don't think that the U.S. should go to war with Iraq. This dispute isn't between the U.S. and Iraq, it's between Iraq and Saudi Arabia. I don't see why the U.S. has to stick its nose in other countries' business. Even though Saudi Arabia asked the U.S. to be its ally, our government should have turned it down.

I don't think our government knows how to say no when a tTC country asks it for help in a war. It couldn't turn them down, because we're getting oil from Saudi Arabia. I don't see why our country can't get oil from Texas, because hopefully in another 15 years we won't need imported oil.

The war has not started yet and already we have men getting injured and killed. Our soldiers are not equipped to handle a war that is in the desert. When we went to war with Panama, the president thought the war was going to be a breeze but it wasn't.

The United States should have never entered the conflict. We are losing a lot of money by our troops just sitting there, taking up space.

Rosemarie E. Perry


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