Hayden's press aide ran Bentley campaign

November 15, 1990|By Larry Carson | Larry Carson,Evening Sun Staff

Roger B. Hayden, the Baltimore County executive-elect, has chosen Rep. Helen D. Bentley's campaign manager to be his public spokesperson.

Hayden yesterday named Carol L. Hirschburg as director of Baltimore County's Office of Communication -- an office that drew fire from Hayden during his campaign for the amount of money it spent.

Hayden, who doesn't take office until Dec. 3, announced his first "unofficial" appointment yesterday through a news release.

Hayden has been unavailable for comment on his transition to power since the day following the Nov. 6 election, although he visited Dennis F. Rasmussen, the outgoing executive, in Towson Tuesday.

Rasmussen said they spoke only generally about the transition, and he said he promised to be as cooperative as possible in helping Hayden get settled.

Hirschburg would replace Robert W. Hughes, the current Office of Communications director, who is making $63,500. She said salary has not been discussed for her new post.

The office became an issue in the election campaign as an alleged symbol of tax money spent for non-essentials. Hayden has said he will cut the staff from 11 back to two people and the budget from $650,000 to $50,000 annually.

Hirschburg has been campaign director of Bentley's last two re-election efforts, and was the press secretary for the congresswoman's 1986 campaign and the Reagan-Bush campaign in Maryland in 1984. Before that, she worked as a consultant for a number of elected officials, businesses and non-profit organizations.

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