Annapolis Starts Recycling Pickup

November 15, 1990|By Staff report

Annapolis began its first curbside recycling program early yesterday.

In the Admiral Heights neighborhood, three men emptied plastic bins full of bottles and cans into a trailer hooked to the back of a city dump truck.

By 11 a.m., they had finished emptying bins left out by residents of about half of the neighborhood's 675 homes.

"It went absolutely great," said Frank Biba, assistant to the chief of operations of the public works department.

Admiral Heights is the only city neighborhood participating in the program, a pilot for an eventual citywide curbside recycling effort. The city will collect in the neighborhood on Wednesdays.

City officials gave residents bins last week that say "Annapolis Recycles," along with information on what to recycle. Residents place the full bins next to their weekly trash collection.

Residents can put bottles and jars, as well as aluminum and metal beverage and food cans, in the bins. Workers will separate the items and put them in separate compartments in the trailer. Nothing else will be accepted, although the city hopes to collect plastic and paper later.

The money will come from $105,000 approved by the City Council earlier this year for recycling. The money is also being used to improve the city's Spa Road recycling center.

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