Health Office Offers 'Nurse Is In' Aid

November 15, 1990

In a first of its kind pilot project, the county Department of Health is taking preventive and educational medical advice directly to seniors at Burwood Gardens Senior Housing in Glen Burnie.

The "Nurse Is In" program places a registered nurse from the department, Nancy Stone, on-site and available to residents of Burwood on a daily basis, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday in an office in the community center.

Stone will assist Burwood residents with preventive and practical health guidance on everything from advice on nutrition, special diets and blood pressure screening to help with understanding and maintaining medication schedules. The residents of Burwood can see her without transportation worries or extra expense. The service is free.

The program has been designed to supplement private health resources and services and is directed toward helping older citizens remain healthy and independent by identifying health needs early and providing the education, advice and assistance they need to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyles.

The nurse will also assist the elderly in coping with the health-care bureaucracy and provide help in obtaining special services by working with physicians and other county agencies.

Information: 222-7209.

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