Not a mandate"In what will surely turn out be a special...

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November 14, 1990

Not a mandate

"In what will surely turn out be a special blessing for Roger Hayden," reads an Evening Sun editorial (Nov. 7), the voters decisively rejected the 2 percent cap on property taxes.

A margin of 52-to-48 percent is not a decisive rejection, considering all the scare tactics and underhanded last-minute maneuvers of teachers sending home flyers with school children. However, with our new tax awareness councilman, Donald Mason, and our new County Executive Roger Hayden, we will perhaps have no need of the 2 percent property tax cap restraint, after all.

I believe they will take the 48 percent vote as a mandate for more responsible spending in county government, considering that at least 4 percent of that 52 percent vote was "chicken" votes. The rest were county employers looking out for their pocketbooks at the expense of the taxpayers.

lanche K. Coda


Pray away

On Nov. 29 the "Third Governor's Prayer Breakfast" will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center. The promotional brochure invites would-be participants to "join your state and federal officials in this great event which honors our governor, William Donald Schaefer."

In my opinion, attending this "prayer breakfast" is a de facto endorsement of a governor whose recent two-sided, political stand on abortion shows little or no respect for the sanctity of life!

As Judeo-Christians, we should pray for all of our elected officials, including Governor Schaefer; nevertheless, I would urge anyone who supports a pro-life position not to attend this event. As for those who have already purchased tickets, search your conscience; the cost of your ticket is a small price to pay for the statement your boycott would make.

Dale M. Wonderly


Immigrants, taxes

On Oct. 17, an article appeared in the Northeast Times Booster about a family of "refugees" who came to this country from Kuwait. The family will receive $700 a month plus food stamps and Medicaid. The family has five children, three of whom are in school ` schools paid for by the taxpayers.

The Congress just voted to increase the legal immigration quota to 700,000 next year. I am curious as to how many of these new immigrants will qualify for the same tax-supported benefits.

Congress also voted to cut Medicare benefits and increase the premiums for Medicare. Since the average Social Security benefit after the cost of living increase in January 1991 will be $602 per month, how do the members of Congress justify this to the senior citizens who have contributed to Medicare and Social Security while they worked and paid their taxes every year?

John G. Baublitz Jr.


Community con

Baltimore County planners have come up with yet another "double-whammy" for older communities already over-stressed by development. Under the guise of "community conservation," proposed new "reforms" target these areas for increased densities by "transfer of development rights" from agricultural areas.

The whole thing is being done with great smoothness: The up-zonings and power grabs which are carefully hidden in the "reforms" are being proposed as amendments to county development regulations. As such, they do not require public hearings. This is "conservation" with emphasis on the "con."

Art Kutcher


Just wondering

Of course we will never know the answer to this question, but I often wonder how some of our former presidents would have taken care of Iraq's Saddam Hussein and the Persian Gulf problem President Roosevelt, who presided over World War II; President Truman, who made the difficult decision to drop the first atomic bomb on Japan; President Reagan, who made war on Grenada and bombed Khadafy.

David Chupnick


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