Group begins effort to report unsafe drivers

November 14, 1990

A Towson-based citizens' group is launching a campaign to encourage motorists to report unsafe drivers of trucks, buses and autos.

Citizens Against Negligent Trucking is a group of about 50 victims of trucking accidents trying to make the roads safer for all vehicles.

Today, CANT planned to start distributing 10,000 cards titled "Report Unsafe Driving." The cards include instructions on how to get the State Police on the trail of drivers who are tailgating, speeding, weaving or committing other infractions.

"CANT is trying to remove from the highways those people whoare . . . ruining the reputation of the truck driver," said Sally W. Murphy, the group's leader.

Murphy, the victim of a December 1987 accident involving a truck, said motorists who call "how's my driving" numbers posted on trucks to report reckless driving are often disappointed when "nothing is done."

The cards advise drivers to take down the tag number of the offending vehicle, and the date, time, place and direction traveled. To report the incident, drivers should call the State Police's Trooper Hot Line 800-525-5555 or use citizens band radio Channel 9.

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