Rouse Promotes 2 Executives Three Executive Vps Now Report To Devito

November 14, 1990|By Staff report

The Rouse Co. has named Anthony W. Deering and Douglas A. McGregor executive vice presidents, raising the possibility that one of them may be in line for the president's job.

Deering and McGregor join R. Harwood Beville as part of a triumvirate of executive vice presidents reporting directly to chief executive officer Mathias J. DeVito.

The late Michael D. Spear had served with Beville as an executive vice president before becoming president of the company in 1986. Spear was killed in a plane crash in August.

Since then, DeVito has assumed the duties of president in addition to his responsibilities as board chairman and chief executive officer.

David L. Tripp, a Rouse vice president and director of investor relations, refused to speculate about when DeVito might relinquish the president's post.

"There has been no attempt to look for someone else," he said, adding that the job might be filled "one, three, or five years from now."

This marks the second time DeVito has functioned simultaneously as chairman of the board, president and chief executive officer. He did so for two years from 1984 to 1986.

DeVito was out of town and could not be reached, but a company press release indicated he would continue to serve in all three capacities for at least the immediate future.

As part of the restructuring at the top, Deering, 45, will continue as the company's chief financial officer. He will also have responsibility for the company's administrative functions.

McGregor, 47, will assume responsibility for the company's real estate development and will continue as general manager of the Columbia project.

Beville, 50, will continue to serve as executive vice president in charge of operations, a post he has held since July 1978.

Deering, McGregor and Beville were out of town and could not be reached for comment.

DeVito said in a company statement that the elevation of Deering and McGregor to senior executive management positions with Beville put the company in a "very strong position" to meet the "challenges of the 1990s."

"These are three extremely able, seasoned executives who will provide very effective leadership for our experienced senior management team," DeVito said.

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