Taxi Complaints Voiced

November 14, 1990|By Staff report

WESTMINSTER - Customers aired complaints about discrepancies in Westminster Taxi Service fares and pickup delays at Monday's City Council meeting.

Citizen complaints began in October when the taxi service owners, Agnes Reynolds and Sterling "Pete" Petry, requested a rate increase to cover rising gas prices.

Linda May told officials she paid $3 to go from her Sullivan Avenue home to Malcolm Drive Sept. 6 and $2.75 for the same trip Sept. 18. "I would agree to the charge if I would always pay the same fee," she said.

Reynolds and Petry blamed the inconsistencies on new drivers who do not understand the zone system, which divides the city from the center out.

Fares increase by 25 cents for each zone the driver crosses to drive from the station, pick up the passenger and drive him to his destination.

"The zones are complicated," said Sterling at the council meeting.

"(Customers) would pay double if we had the meter."

Reynolds said, "We have a couple of new drivers, but usually they undercharge."

Council members directed the city staff to help Reynolds and Sterling make the rate map more clear, and told the owners it must be posted in the cabs.

Councilman Mark S. Snyder also suggested that owners test their drivers' knowledge of rates.

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