Elections Board To Recount Six Precincts Sophocleus Denied Request For Larger Tally

November 14, 1990|By Staff report

The county elections board will recount ballots in six precincts Friday, but the results probably will not help defeated County Executive candidate Theodore J. Sophocleus, who asked for the recount.

Sophocleus, who lost to Republican Robert R. Neall by some 3,000 votes, wanted elections workers to recount ballots in 22 precincts in the council Districts 2 and 3.

Election night results in those districts differed greatly from what exit polls showed Sophocleus could expect, said Les Cohen, Sophocleus' campaign manager.

The county Board of Elections Supervisors refused to recount the 22 precincts by hand because the process would take too much time and cost too much money, said Muriel Carter, board president.

Instead, the board will manually recount ballots in six precincts -- two from a 7th District council race, two from the District 31 state senate contest, and two from the county executive's race.

"Are we thrilled with this sample size? No," Cohen said. "We're thrilled that they're looking at it at all, but two precincts randomly selected from 133 precincts county-wide will not prove anything."

The recount is designed mainly as a way to test the county's new computerized voting system, Carter said -- not as a means of verifying Sophocleus' loss.

If Sophocleus insists on double-checking the 22 precincts, he would have to acquire a court order and post bond to cover the cost, Carter said. If the recount did not either change the outcome of the race or alter the results by more than 2 percent, Sophocleus would pay for the recount.

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