Be careful with the strong colors

November 14, 1990|By Carrie Donovan | Carrie Donovan,N.Y. Times News Service

Color is one fashion message that has certainly got through to women this fall. Everywhere you look, the eye catches a flash of some strong shade like orange, apricot, acid green, deep blue, hot pink, yellow, lacquer red or deep purple.

Adventuresome fashion types are having a great time experimenting with combinations of two or more of these high tones in one outfit. Even women who live by the rule of black or beige seem to be adding a touch of spicy color to their wardrobes.

What is interesting is how well many of these intense tones work on women of different hair colorings and complexions. Some are real surprises.

Orange, for instance, is a shade that at first thought would seem limited. Yet it is remarkably flattering on those from palest blond to darkest brunet. Orange's warm tone also gives a flattering glow to a wide variety of complexions. The same holds true for pungent yellows and acid greens, especially when combined with black.

Clear reds give a lift to almost everyone. But beware of blue-tinted ones. Shades like magenta or fuchsia look appetizing on the hanger, but often prove just the opposite when placed against the skin and hair. To carry off these dramatic shades, you have to possess equally vivacious coloring.

Brunettes with the palest or deepest skin tones are in the pink. But blondes should be careful.

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