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November 14, 1990|By Opinions on stocks offered by investment experts. Compiled by Steve Halpen for Knight Riddder.

Tetra Technologies

Mark Latour, Environmental Investment Strategies, Amherst, Mass., likes Tetra Technologies (TTRA, OTC, around $10).

"With strong positions in niche markets, the company faces a wide range of profitable opportunities over the next few years. Its largest business is the recycling of specialty chemicals. Based in Texas, much of its work is with oil and gas companies. . . . For the first half of 1990, sales rose 22 percent to $25 million. Earnings per share should reach 45 to 50 cents a share this year."

Thermo Process

David Kleinman, Collard Report, Chicago, recommends Thermo Process Systems (TPI, AMEX, around $8).

"Thermo is a leading maker of advanced thermal processing systems that provide a variety of tasks. Of primary focus is their ability to decontaminate soil that has been polluted with hazardous waste or toxic chemicals. The company recently acquired Remediation Technologies, giving them access to mobile systems designed for cleaning soil that has been contaminated by leakage of underground petroleum storage tanks."

Homestyle Buffet

Phelps Salter, Investment Outlook, Virginia Beach, likes Homestyle Family Buffet (HBUF, OTS, around $7), a Florida-based chain of moderate all-you-can-eat restaurants.

" . . . the company has been in operation since 1986, expanding not only in Florida, but in northern states as well. Sales have grown from $3.2 million in 1987 to $22.9 million last year. Over the same period, earnings rose from 5 cents to 29 cents a share. It is estimated that 1990 earnings will reach 55 cents . . . In addition, the company has no debt. Buy."

Barnett Banks

William Weiant and Abby Drucker, First Boston, recommend Florida-based Barnett Banks (BBI, NYSE, near $20).

"Over the near-term, Barnett Banks is likely to remain under selling pressure . . . Nevertheless, we are maintaining our buy recommendation on the stock. Currently, the stock provides a yield of 8.7 percent, based on its $1.32 per share dividend. Overall, we believe Barnett is the best positioned bank in the best growth market in the United States. We rate the stock a buy."

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