Just say no to ManleyWe are greatly concerned over the...

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November 13, 1990

Just say no to Manley

We are greatly concerned over the possibility that the Redskins' Dexter Manley will be reinstated by the NFL. Working with highly impressionable youth, we have been alerted to the extremely dangerous message that the world and the NFL have been giving them.

When a young man plans for a career, no doubt the prospect of being a professional football player must seem too good to be true. In what other occupation in any country or culture is one allowed to return to that job after being caught using illegal drugs three times in two years? Now Dexter's agent, Bob Woolf, would have us believe that now Dexter is being denied the right to make a living and is being punished unfairly.

It is our youth that are being punished for being exposed to such negative role models, who mock our society's laws and then are offered opportunity after opportunity to model for the kids how to use drugs and still make the game on Sunday.

If the NFL ever felt a need for a new fresh superstar, the ad might read: "WANTED: Pass-rushing defensive end. Average salary, $500,000 per year. Free medical benefits and frequent travel. Unlimited adoration of millions. Up to three or more drug offenses allowed on the job with minimal playing time missed. Call collect. Commissioner's office, NFL."

Please use this golden opportunity to tell the kids that they are accountable for their behavior despite fame, salary, or pass-rushing ability. If you don't say "No" to Dexter, why should our kids ever say "No"?

Lance D. Kebaugh

and Patricia Harrigan

School psychologists

St. Mary's County

Another vote for Babe

In the Fans' Forum of Nov. 6, Mr. William Weiner of Pikesville stated that the word "memorial" should be included in the name of a new ballpark. I agree with him. I disagree with his suggestions of Camden Memorial Park or Camden Yards Memorial Park.

As Babe Ruth was born and raised where the new ballpark is being built, it is fitting that it be named after him and be called Babe Ruth Memorial Park. I advocated that the present stadium be named after Babe Ruth 40 years ago. All they put up in his honor was a sign saying "Babe Ruth Way."

You can imagine what a thrill it would be for fans coming down the Baltimore-Washington Parkway if they saw a sign saying, "This way to Babe Ruth Memorial Park." In my opinion, the Babe was and still is the greatest of them all.

Julius Weiner

Interlachen, Fla.


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