Pepto-bismol Pink Won't Be Overlooked

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November 13, 1990|By Arthur Hirsch

You can't miss it. It's the only building on Odenton's Boomtown strip painted the color of Pepto-Bismol.

The outside of Sharky's pool and game room on Route 175 is painted a pink so pink it kind of reaches out and grabs you. Pulls you right over, if not in. That was the idea, of course.

"I think they did it because it would be noticed," said manager Rita Newman. "It's definitely an eye-catcher."

Asked her opinion of the color selection made by owner Ralph Cavallo, Newman was less emphatic: "I guess it's OK."

Cavallo could not be reached for comment. But Jim Arthur, co-owner of a little car-repair garage downstairs from Sharky's, pulls no punches on this subject.

"It's ugly as hell, to tell you the truth," said Arthur. He had to admit, though, it makes it easy to give directions to the place.

"They said 'You can't miss it,' and you're darn right you can't miss it," said Rick Espy, an Arkansas Navy man who had just moved to Laurel.

"You can see it for two, three blocks."

Used to be the "banana building" would probably have taken the prize for the ugliest structure in Odenton. That would be Dan's Auto Sales on Annapolis Road, owned by Daniel Bizogne, featuring a big yellow box of a building. Now, the "banana building" has competition from the Pepto-Bismol building.

This does not sit well with some residents of the Seven Oaks community, which lies behind the Boomtown strip. Some folks there say Cavallo selected the color just to bug them, although Sharky's is not visible from the grounds of Seven Oaks.

"Naahhh," said Arthur, dismissing the theory. "I can guarantee it was done strictly for advertisement for his business."

Espy pondered the building's likeness to Pepto-Bismol and thought the comparison appropriate.

"I guess if you look at it too long you could get indigestion."

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