Positively, Dr. Einstein Absolutely, Dr. Freud


November 12, 1990|By Sol Goodman

Tell me, Sigmund, since you have plumbed the mind:

Unwittingly, have I loosed upon mankind

The poisoned mushroom's lethal cloud

Which covers the earth like doomsday's shroud?

Was the pursuit of knowledge so precious a goal

As to be bought at the cost of man's soul?

Did I upon the altar of self-delusion

Ultimately create the grand illusion

That man could take energy, mass and matter

And not devise a means to shatter

All that nature has carefully wrought,

All the dreams that angels sought?

I have no desire to belittle your fears,

Yet, Albert, I've discovered throughout the years,

It's not the bomb that is man's woe,

But the hand on the trigger: That is the foe.

This to you I most solemnly vouch,

That every day from troubled couch

I confirm anew man's unconscious state,

Until less and less I ascribe to fate.

For within the human soul there is confined

Good and evil, so combined

That in man, I would dare divine

Between Heaven and Hell a very thin line.

For in the universe which our knowledge built

Who should be more consumed with guilt:

You who unloosed the atom's power

Or I who unveiled the patient's hour?

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