Laura Palmer's killer is revealed--sort of

November 12, 1990|By --David Zurawik

Finally, we know who killed Laura Palmer. Well, sort of who killed her, anyway.

From Saturday's episode of "Twin Peaks," it appears that Leland, Laura's father, possibly possessed by an evil spirit named Bob, who looks in part like a guy with long hair and part like a wolf, killed her.

Got that?

Well, if we did have it, this wouldn't be "Twin Peaks," would it?

The final sequence of Saturday's episode had FBI agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) sitting at the roadhouse listening to that spacey band. Most of the major players were at the roadhouse listening as well.

But then the Giant appeared on stage and said into the microphone, "It's happening again." To make sure we knew what "it" was, we were shown Leland going through this transfiguration and attacking Madeline, Laura's cousin.

What part of this was a Cooper dream? What part of it a vision that only Cooper could see? And why was Benjamin Horn brought in for questioning in connection with Laura's murder Saturday night? Those are questions viewers will have to tune in next week to have answered.

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