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November 12, 1990|By Julius Westheimer

(TC Men, do you think of retiring? Retirement may make you healthier, but you'll pay a price. John Gottman, PhD, speaking at American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, said, "A 4-year study of couples found that men who did housework chores were healthier than those who didn't. The theory is that willingness to do menial housework reflects a better ability to resolve marital conflicts and stress in general, making men healthier."

LOCAL CEO CORNER: When I asked Robert Barnhill, president of Tessco, Hunt Valley, national suppliers to the paging and cellular telephone industries, to share his success principles, he said: "O.K., but first, the background. My father started this business in 1952 and I bought it from him; there were plenty of battle scars along the way including -- get this -- it cost me a house. After 2 1/2 years of marriage we had to sell our home to raise money for the business. We lived with friends, then rented a home in Monkton. But the then-unhappy move paid off.

"Success principles? Mine are strong customer orientation and keeping our people motivated, enthusiastic and upbeat every day. From zero eight years ago, we'll do $40 million this year, all internal growth, no acquisitions. I have a dream of where I want this firm to go, and our 85 employees and I make something happen every day to make sure we get there. There's no straying from our focus."

NOVEMBER NUGGETS: A USF&G top executive told me over the weekend that layoffs will "not be massive" . . . And if you buy the stock today, even with the reduced dividend, you're getting an eight percent return, double the average stock's yield . . . Sales manager of a brokerage firm to discouraged broker: "Keep plugging: remember that the sun doesn't shine on the same hog's back every day." . . . "Avoid jargon in your resume; personnel office staffers don't have in-depth knowledge of technical language used in company departments." (Knock 'em Dead by Martin Yate) . . . "Some non-profit groups offer volunteer vacation programs they claim are tax-deductible; the IRS may not agree." (Travel Smart)

KEEP THAT JOB! "A decade of mergers, buyouts and corporate belt-tightening has frayed the bonds linking employers with employees," says Kathryn Troy, The Conference Board. She adds, "The result is that the concept of lifelong job security is just a pleasant memory." Excerpts from suggestions to maximize job security:

Choose your job carefully ("select occupations that expect rapid growth in coming years.") Work hard ("today's managers no longer put up with unproductive workers.") Be flexible ("be willing to move horizontally as well as vertically.") Take advantage of training programs ("and don't be afraid to ask your employer's help in plotting your career at the company.") Be savvy about performance reviews ("a negative review may actually be the handwriting on the wall.")

AUTUMN LEAVES: "A recently released national survey concluded that people living near nuclear facilities face no increased cancer risk." (BG&E house organ, Nov.) . . . "In general management meetings 30 percent of time is wasted; in sales and marketing, 34, finance, 39, manufacturing, 35." (Inc., October) . . . "The new deficit-reducing tax bill makes retirement investment p;lans more valuablethan ever." (Wall Street Journal)

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