Quiet! Artist at workRunning back Keith Woodside of Green...

Fumbles and follies

November 11, 1990|By Vito Stellino

Quiet! Artist at work

Running back Keith Woodside of Green Bay, after watching Joe Montana quarterback the San Francisco 49ers to a victory over the Packers, said: "It's art. He's an artist. I told a couple of guys before the game that I regret not having seen Julius Erving and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar play in person. Well, I can say I got a chance to play against Montana twice."

This week's word from Mike Ditka

Mike Ditka, coach of the Chicago Bears, answering criticwho say that too many players suffer crippling injuries from football: "Maybe you limp a little at times and you don't look as pretty when you dance, but think of the good times you had. Think of the bars you closed."

Tastes what?

New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms joked about thchewing out he got from coach Bill Parcells for throwing an incomplete pass against the Indianapolis Colts Monday night: "He said, 'Less filling,' and I said, 'Tastes great.' "

Farewell to Cleveland

Bud Carson, who was fired as Cleveland Browns coacMonday, said that owner Art Modell didn't give him the authority he needed to do the job. "Coaching here is a tough job," Carson said. "Your hands are somewhat tied. A coach of the Browns doesn't have much power."

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