Manhole Replacements Planned Through May

November 11, 1990

Manhole frame and cover replacements will take place in the Shadyside/Deale area through May 1, 1991, between 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

The work consists of excavation around manholes to facilitate the removal and replacement of the frame and cover assembly on 100 manholes in the area. Work will be performed by Paul's Utility Company of Bel Air.

The work will replace manhole covers that allow excessive amounts of rainwater into the wastewater collection system. This will reduce the impact of storms on the collection system and reclamation facility.

The benefit the public will receive as a result of this project is a cleaner environment due to a reduction in overflows during rainstorms.

There will be no difference in wastewater service. There may be some barricaded areas around manholes in off-road areas and some minor traffic congestion near on-road work sites.

The contact person on-site is Paul McNeill, inspector, utility systems technician III. Information: 222-7586.

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