Countians Find Moto Success

November 11, 1990

Forty-one bicycle motocross riders, including three new competitors, participated in 11 lasses at Friendship Park last Sunday.

County competitors who placed were:

* 7 Novice -- Johnathan Lawrence (Pasadena), first; Dyllan Naeker (Edgewater), second; 5-year-old Brad Beverly (Glen Burnie), third; Jason Klein (Glen Burnie), fourth.

* 9 Novice -- Jared Hintze (Glen Burnie), first; William Klein (Glen Burnie), second; Chad Beverly (Glen Burnie), third.

* 9 Expert -- Chappy Knaack (Linthicum), second.

* 10 Novice -- Chris Walker (Glen Burnie), first; Greg Cooper (Glen Burnie), second; Charles Thompson (Glen Burnie), third; David Hopkins, (Glen Burnie); fourth.

* 12 Novice -- 11-year-old Eric Tregunna (Glen Burnie), third.

* 13 Intermediate -- 12-year-old Brian Blake (Glen Burnie), third; Mike Henneman (Glen Burnie), fifth.

* 15 Intermediate -- 14-year-old Brian Bieda (Millersville), fifth.

* 15-and-under Cruiser -- 12-year-old Brian Blake, third.

* 15 Expert -- Donnie Woolford (Annapolis), first.

* 16-17 Expert -- Billy Bachman (Pasadena), second.

Sign-ups and practices for the future races will be conducted from noon to 1:30 p.m. Nov. 17 with races starting at 2 p.m. New riders are welcome.

Information: Phil Woolford: 268-0726.

Several county riders also competed in last Sunday's BMX races at the Columbia Supertrack. They were:

* 8 Expert -- Chappy Knaack (Linthicum), first.

* 11 Intermediate -- Garrett Ohm (Severn), first.

* 13 Expert -- 12-year-old Brian Blake (Glen Burnie), fourth.

* 15 Expert -- Donnie Woolford (Annapolis), second.

* 17-and-over Expert -- Bill Bachman (Pasadena), third.

On Nov. 3, Brian Blake placed fifth in the 13 Expert Class Columbia race.

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