Cashmere--from There To Here

November 11, 1990|By Donna Peremes | Donna Peremes,FASHION

High up on the mountainous plateaus of such Asian countries as China, Tibet and Outer Mongolia roams the Kashmir goat, prized for its downy, ultrasoft undercoat. During the goat's molting season in June, this undercoat, and part of the coarser overcoat, is shed. No shearing or shaving is necessary in the harvest of this softest of wools -- the hairs are simply plucked or combed, or occasionally gathered from the ground by hand.

Though gray, brown and white are the natural coat colors, cashmere wool can be dyed to take on a variety of hues.

TSE Cashmere, for example, offers a wide range of colors in its collection this fall, from brights like citron to more subtle colors like moss, verdigris, celadon and sienna.

TSE (pronounced 'tsay') is an offshoot of the Cashmere House Inc., which operates a cashmere spinning, knitting and dyeing factory near the Tian Shan mountain range in China's Xinjian province. The company produced private label clothes for tony department stores until February 1989, when it launched its own label, TSE.

TSE Cashmere retails from about $200 to $800 and is available locally at Saks Fifth Avenue, Nan Duskin and Ruth Shaw.

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